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Build Infrastructure. Get Traffic. See Results.


Custom-built funnels and WordPress websites.

Great for campaigns. Funnels are hosted webpages that drive visitors to a marketing goal, such as providing contact details, making a donation or purchasing a product. At OMpro, we have access to one of the worlds fastest-loading funnel building software (Converdy), boasting an average Google page-load speed of 94/100. We offer custom funnel-building and hosting packages, contact us today for a quote!

A necessity for any modern business. We offer WordPress website design & hosting at very competitive rates. We use Premium WordPress themes that are optimised for speed, usability & that follow good SEO practices. Custom-coded options are available if desired. Check out some websites we have made here. 


Define and engage your best customers, wherever they are online.

Great for all businesses. Social Media ads are incredibly underpriced, and we know where and when to take advantage. Capitalise on the state-of-social, attract new customers and grow your business.

Great for local businesses. Pay-Per-Click advertising are the ads that show at the top of your Google search results. We help you create targeted ads for relevant keywords that drive valuable traffic to your site.

Great for existing websites. Good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the result on many little actions/changes on a website that help the website rank higher on search engine results pages (e.g. Google). Every website we build follows good SEO practices, with advice and/or support to maintain good SEO practices going forward. For clients with existing websites, we offer SEO audits to highlight areas that can be improved, to rank higher and receive more valuable traffic over time to your website.

Great for B2C (Business to Customer) businesses. Influencer Marketing has proven to be a very cost effective form of advertising as it is a more “authentic” approach. Check out these Influencer Stats. Please contact us if you would like to check your businesses suitability.