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We Specialise in NZ Small Businesses and Not-For-Profits

About Us

OMpro is a digital marketing agency, specialising in online solutions for New Zealand based charities, not for profits & small to medium sized businesses.

We are very aware of the seemingly insurmountable task that online marketing can be for smaller, purpose-driven charities and businesses. There’s emails, quotes, marketing jargon, campaigns & big changes to navigate. Our goal here at OMpro is to provide an incredible digital service with a human touch. We really believe in the good that our kiwi do-gooders are doing, and we want to support you in your good work! We will always make time for the little guys, and we’re not interested in charging you an arm and a leg either.

Talk to us today if you’d like any more information or if you’d like to check your suitability. We’re here to support your good work.

Our Services

These are our specialities and the foundation, we believe, for a strong online presence.
We offer personalised marketing plans for long-term business growth or specific campaigns.

Websites & Design

Websites, Marketing Funnels, Design & Video. This is your foundation before we share you with the world.

Good for campaigns. Funnels are hosted webpages that drive visitors to a marketing goal, such as providing contact details, making a donation or purchasing a product. At OMpro, we have access to one of the worlds fastest-loading funnel building software (Converdy), boasting an average Google page-load speed of 94/100. We offer custom funnel-building and hosting packages, contact us today for a quote!

A necessity for any modern business. We offer WordPress website design & hosting at very competitive rates. We use Premium WordPress themes that are optimised for speed, usability & that follow good SEO practices. Custom-coded options are available if desired. Check out some websites we have made here. 

Good for campaigns. We offer graphic design services for social media promotions and for Facebook, Instagram & Google advertising campaigns.

Good for charities. Your “why” is the most important marketing message that you will need to communicate. Engage your community online through video. We can only offer this service in a limited capacity at the moment, please talk to us for more information.

Great for medium sized businesses. Once you have established a few successful marketing channels, it’s time to systemise! Enterprise companies succeed and grow faster using marketing automation. Contact us today to discuss how we can systemise your growth!

Advertising & Marketing

Advertising, Search Engine Optimisation, Influencer Marketing and Local Search. This is the fun part.

Good for all businesses. Social Media ads are incredibly underpriced, and we know where and when to take advantage. Capitalise on the state-of-social, attract new customers and grow your business.

Good for campaigns. Pay-Per-Click advertising are the ads that show at the top of your Google search results. We help you create targeted ads for relevant keywords that drive valuable traffic to your site.

Good for existing websites. Good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the result on many little actions/changes on a website that help the website rank higher on search engine results pages (e.g. Google). Every website we build follows good SEO practices, with advice and/or support to maintain good SEO practices going forward. For clients with existing websites, we offer SEO audits to highlight areas that can be improved, to rank higher and receive more valuable traffic over time to your website.

Good for campaigns & B2C businesses. Influencer Marketing has proven to be a very cost effective form of advertising as it is a more “authentic” approach. Check out these Influencer Stats. Please contact us if you would like to check your businesses suitability. 

Good for local businesses. Most of your customers have searched for your business online before they have even walked into your store. Let us improve your local search presence. We offer local SEO services, review generation & brand monitoring, to maintain your good reputation. 

Good for all businesses. The creation and distribution of quality digital content, including (but not limited to) blogging, press releases, EDM & SMS marketing. Quality content helps you to establish yourself as a leader in your field, attracting higher quality clientele. 

Not Sure What's Right For You?

Case Study

Jess McVicar, Sensible Sentencing Trust


“We needed an entire website overhaul, one that was user friendly, and easy to update information. We also needed to draw the public in an view our site as our last site was very outdated and hard to work around. We do not have a lot of money available, so of course we were concerned when we were deciding to upgrade our website about the money that needed to be spent. The quotes we got before we heard of OMpro were terrifying. But as soon as we heard of OMpro, we did not think twice.”


“Our new website is very user friendly and fresh. Our OMpro rep is always available to help us, they explain everything and make it easy to understand. They have an eye for what we want and understand our vision. OMpro has rebuilt our blogging platform also, and assists with new content. It has attracted a lot of new supporters for our cause. Their work has assisted us to be able to reach out to the public without needing to rely on media resources. They are easy to work with, efficient and dedicated to the task at hand. They have brilliant ideas and go out of their way to help and ensure all is working right. We have not had one moment of regret.”

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